E-commerce Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

There’s a reason so many brands jump on trends; they’re new, exciting, and have the potential for something great. In a world where a Google search algorithm update can make or break the profitability of almost any business overnight, trends […]

Five Commercial Production Mistakes

Not having a second set of eyes for the Director. An editor can help overview the shots and instinctively know how the edit can come together without needing to be in front of the edit bay. This could save thousands […]

Does DRTV Creative Matter?

You bet it does!  In an era where measurement tells it like it is, as in all digital venues, a compelling commercial can make the difference whether someone does or does not click or call! Direct response is an encompassing […]

Design your Marketing by Listening to your Customers

Design your Marketing by Listening to your Customers If you have a new product that no one has ever used or seen before, you could be in for a rough patch when getting your marketing efforts off the ground. This […]

Life of a Commercial: Conception to Execution

The many commercials that punctuate our favorite shows are a lot more like TV shows than you might think. Every commercial has some kind of narrative that was developed over a long period of time by a team of creative […]

What Is DRTV Insertion

There are many ways that Direct Response and Brand Response buyers, that is,  DRTV buyers,  buy ad time depending on the individual goals of the client that are based on target audience and geography. National Cable is generally the most […]

Critical Mass Podcast

Click The Player To Listen Cesari Media CEO, Rick Cesari, guest stars on the Critical Mass For Business Podcast. Since 1993, he has been helping to build some of the most successful and iconic brands in America – from Microsoft […]

Features or Benefits? Why Your Advertising Needs BOTH

Features or Benefits? Why Your Advertising Needs Plenty of BOTH to Seal the Deal. by Rick Cesari My first job in sales involved selling sun-screen to beachgoers looking to enjoy the bright summer rays without frying to a crisp. It […]